IndieGoGo Competition Winners

First of all, we’d like to say thank you to everyone for supporting us throughout our IndieGoGo campaign. Although we did not fully reach our goal, we still raised a bit of awareness for indoor air quality and that really is an important step into living healthier lives.

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5 Real Reasons Why a Smart Purifier or Humidifier Will Benefit You


We all know that indoor air pollution can cause respiratory problems in children as well as adults, but did you know that the average home in America is 2-5 times worse for indoor air pollution than outdoor? With statistics like these, we should all be aware of our health and wellbeing. That being said, do we just not have TIME to focus on things we hardly notice? Well that’s when Smart Home Automation comes into play. Having Smart appliances allows you to look after yourself and frees up time for the more important things in life. Here are our top 5 reasons for getting a Smart appliance from Heaven Fresh.

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And We Are LIVE! Help Support Us on IndieGoGo Today!

Today we have officially launched the crowdfunding campaign for our Wi-Fi enabled Smart Air Purifier and Humidifier! The first of its kind to be set up on the major IOT (Internet of Things) networking platform AllJoyn. This revolutionary platform allows your appliances to communicate to one another in the best way the 21st Century knows how – with a Smart device and Wi-Fi.

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Smart Home Appliances – Crowdfunding Launch Coming Soon


Imagine this as your future. Just before getting into your car, you turn on a home appliance. Let’s imagine this home appliance is your air purifier (well we wouldn’t want it to be the cooker now would we?). Switching your air purifier on just before you come back home allows it to clear the air for your arrival. This saves on bills.

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Exclusive Competition for Our UK Subscribers Who Love Their Pets!

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Happy #NationalPetMonth to all pet owners out there! We have a special treat for all of our customers that are signed up to our monthly newsletter. We will be hosting a photo competition during National Pet Month (1st April – 2nd May) where the winner will receive the ultimate air purifier – the HF 380!

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