Smart Home Appliances – Crowdfunding Launch Coming Soon


Imagine this as your future. Just before getting into your car, you turn on a home appliance. Let’s imagine this home appliance is your air purifier (well we wouldn’t want it to be the cooker now would we?). Switching your air purifier on just before you come back home allows it to clear the air for your arrival. This saves on bills.

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Exclusive Competition for Our UK Subscribers Who Love Their Pets!

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Happy #NationalPetMonth to all pet owners out there! We have a special treat for all of our customers that are signed up to our monthly newsletter. We will be hosting a photo competition during National Pet Month (1st April – 2nd May) where the winner will receive the ultimate air purifier – the HF 380!

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UK: The HF 707 Is Now on Discount

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The winter is here to stay for a while longer unfortunately, but for some the news gets worse as snow is expected to fall this weekend (emphasis on expected…we are in Britain after all). It’s always worth looking into getting a humidifier to avoid the flu, itchy throat, congestion and cracked skin problems when the air in your home is dry or if your child finds it hard to sleep at night. Well, for a limited time*, the HF 707 ultrasonic humidifier will be discounted to only £55 – that’s better than 50% off! Read on to find out more.

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Which Humidifier should I Get?


Here at Heaven Fresh, we have humidifiers that are both ultrasonic – the HF 707, and the HF 710. The HF 710 is the newest and – we think anyway – is superior to the HF 707. They are both safe to use around children, affordable and portable for bedroom as well as living room use. Both have cool and warm mist options too – so how do you choose? Well let us help, after all – that’s what we’re here for!

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